We want to share the steps we have already taken and the steps we will be taking to address improving our school culture and climate at Danvers Public Schools (DPS).  These are topics that have long concerned us and were raised in the Attorney General’s letter as well.  These issues are all the more important given our complex, difficult, and ever-changing world.

What we can do and are committed to doing is both sharing what we have done to improve the culture of DPS  in general and the Danvers High School’s athletic programs more specifically since December of 2021.  We know words alone are insufficient; deeds speak louder and better.

It is in the spirit of transparency that we are sharing some examples of the work we’ve done (items in blue) and we are and will be doing (items in green) over the coming academic year.   This webpage will be updated regularly to keep all our stakeholders informed of our ongoing work and accomplishments.  We hope it will provide you with not only a better awareness of what we are achieving but also our commitment to ongoing improvement.

Themes for this work include but are not limited to a developing an understanding of individual identities and those of others; implementing anti-bias and anti-racist pedagogy; responding promptly to biased, racist, and bullying and harassment incidents; collaborating and cross-institutional sharing and learning; fostering leadership among students at all ages and stages; and creating safe and supportive learning environments and psychosocial development for all our students.

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