Update 4/24: Use of Google Meet

Good Afternoon DPS Families,


As we continue to evolve our remote learning, we wanted to share clear expectations for students while utilizing Google Meet (Hangout).

Here are some guidelines for student participation in a Google Meet (Hangout). All students must follow the Danvers Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy .

Expectations for students during Online Class Meetings:

  • Appearing in a video meeting is a choice. You are also welcome to be a silent observer by simply muting your microphone or camera.

  • Before you start, be aware of your background. Your teacher and classmates will see what is behind you. Make sure it is appropriate and not personal.

  • Find a quiet space where you will not be distracted by family members. Let your family members know that you will be participating in an Online Class Meeting.

  • Think of the space you are using as your classroom. This means dress as if you were in school and keep your conversation school appropriate.

  • You should only be having a teacher led conversation while the teacher is present. When the Online Class Meeting is over the teacher will end the call for the entire class.

  • You may not:

    • record the video call as video, audio, or still images (screen captures, etc.)  because it is illegal to record or take pictures without the person’s consent.

    • invite others (share the link) to any Meet hosted by a Danvers Schools staff member.

  • An age-appropriate form of this statement will be read at the start of each Online Class Meeting:

    • “Whenever we participate in remote learning through the use of video communication, it is important that we continue to respect the privacy/confidentiality and intellectual property rights of our school community for both students and teachers. By participating, you as students agree that you may not save, record, share, or post a session or any photos/screenshots from a session. I also agree that I will not save, record, share, or post a session or any photos/screenshots from a session. Please remember that all school rules and acceptable use policies apply during these remote learning sessions.”

With this week’s announcement by Governor Baker extending the school closure until the end of the school year,  we are finalizing our Phase 3 (May 4- June 18th) remote learning plans and will provide an update later next week.  Additionally, we will keep you updated during the Month of May for June end of the year events.

We greatly appreciate your support and collaboration.

Take good care,

Lisa Dana, Keith Taverna, Mary Wermers