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Curriculum Center Staff

Mary Wermers

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

978-777-8932 x2281

Peter DiMauro

High School Curriculum Director

978-777-8932 x2270

Ellyn Feerick

Middle School Curriculum Director

978-774-8590 x3137

Julie Posternack

Elementary Curriculum Director

978-777-8932 x2271

Kathleen Smith

Administrative Assistant

978-777-8932 x2275

Kelly Pszenny

Administrative Assistant

978-777-8932 x2212

Keri Demers

Elementary Literacy Coach

978-777-8932 x2278

Allison Day

Elementary Math Coach

978-777-8932 x2274

Tinamarie Sheckells

Elementary Librarian

978-777-8932 x2277

Juliana Spiros

Secondary ELL Teacher

978-777-8932 x2272

Holly Murphy

Elementary ELL Teacher

978-777-8932 x2273

Barbara Mamott

Elementary ELL Teacher

978-777-8932 x2282

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