Celebrating the Class of 2020!

Due to the pandemic, which has caused the cancelation of our school year and all related events, our community is discovering new ways to celebrate our seniors!

We are all thinking of our Seniors and will continue to work with families and students to think creatively on how to continue to make senior year a special one! We met virtually with the Class of 2020 and NHS student officers to gather student feedback.

We want to thank all the families for their input and work on putting together celebrations for our Seniors. We have put an order in for lawn signs for all members of the Class of 2020 and are also planning two large banners to hang in downtown Danvers.

Also, please note that there is nothing you need to do at this time for any of the signs or banners; We have everyone’s name and senior photos already. We will let you know how we will proceed regarding pick up / distribution.

  • May 14

    Class of 2020 Yard Signs!

  • Coming Soon...

    Personalized Door Signs

    (currently being printed)

    Coming Soon...

  • June 3 & 4

    Seniors pick up Caps and Gowns!

    Along with their caps and gowns and yearbooks, Seniors will also be given hand made cards from some adorable Danvers Kindergarteners!

  • June 6

    20 for the Class of 2020

    To commemorate our original graduation date, the DHS Football stadium lights will be turned on for 20 minutes, starting at 20:20 PM

    June 6

  • May 27-June 14

    Congratulatory Banners up on High Street and Maple Street!

  • June 18

    End of 2019-2020 Academic Year!

    June 18

  • July 27 - Aug. 9

    Congratulatory Banners up on High Street and Maple Street!

  • Aug. 1

    Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2020

    (raindate: August 8)

    Aug. 1

Countdown to Graduation Ceremony!


Message from The Administration, Faculty and Staff at DHS

  • Open Letter to Seniors

    To The DHS Class of 2020,

    It is with great enthusiasm that we congratulate each of you on your upcoming graduation. Over the course of your four years with us, we have watched you grow into confident, capable students ready to take on the next phase of your life. Whether it was in the classroom or stage, playing field or academic activity, the way the Class of 2020 approached your work served as a model for our entire community.

    When you think about your time at Danvers High School we hope that it is filled with amazing memories. But we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge that it may not have always been easy either. Juggling academic demands, co-curricular opportunities, and meaningful social relationships required you to prioritize and make decisions on how you spent your time. Whether it is on a college campus, the military, or the workforce, you have the opportunity to bring these experiences and skills with you.

    This Spring has presented unprecedented challenges in how we educate students at DHS. While it isn’t how any of us wanted to end our time together, please remember one thing … regardless of where you go or what you do, you will ALWAYS be welcome at DHS. Once a Falcon, Always a Falcon.

    Our sincerest congratulations on this important milestone.

    Until We Meet Again …

    The Administration, Faculty and Staff at DHS

We encourage students and families to continue to ask questions and provide ideas on how we can continue to support the Class of 2020 and all students at DHS.