The Danvers Interscholastic Athletic Program is an integral part of the total educational offerings and student activities at this school.  While the name of the school is enhanced whenever its’ representatives excel, by far those who actually participate on our teams derive the greatest rewards and satisfactions.

When student athletes enter and represent Danvers High School, there are certain things they may expect from us.  In turn, there are certain things we expect of them.  We pledge ourselves to honoring the dignity of each person regardless of race, creed, or religion, to taking a personal interest in them as individuals, to helping them resolve, whenever possible personal problems and to assisting in achieving educational goals and aspirations.

In our school, the head coach in each sport has the prerogative of setting most training rules and standards of behavior and discipline for the squad.  This entails a clear understanding of what is expected by the player and the coach in terms of appearance and conduct.  The administration fully intends to back the coach in carrying out the policies governing that sport, as long as they do not conflict with school policy.

We believe that a student’s association with the athletic program is voluntary.  However, in addition to the rules and regulations governing all students, we also assume that students willingly undertake certain obligations of self-discipline, and team discipline that transcend those of the student not included in athletics.  Only the individual student athlete can weigh the merits of the benefits as opposed to the added responsibilities.  But in fairness to teammates and coaches, it should be an early choice and one by which the athlete is willing to abide.

In regard to scheduling, we play schools with similar academic and athletic philosophies.  Most are from our immediate region and conference.  When an individual becomes a member of a school team, we assume willingness on his/her part to participate in all scheduled contests.  If a personal or moral reservation about such competition exists, then a decision must be made BEFORE teammates become dependent upon him/her as an integral part of the team.

When representatives from other schools visit Danvers, we expect to treat them with courtesy and hospitality afforded to all guests.  When we in turn are guests of other schools, we expect our representatives to conduct themselves accordingly.

Danvers wishes to excel in athletics just as we desire to excel in all activities and functions conducted in the name of the school.  Within the limitations of the objectives of similar schools in our conference, the official rules and regulations that govern our athletic programs, and our financial ability, we are determined to do our best to field aggressive, well-coached teams composed of young men and women who represent our school with pride, enthusiasm, and loyalty.

We hope our school will deserve this loyalty.  We also hope your academic and athletic experiences here will yield satisfactions and rewards that will continue to enrich your life, long after you have left Danvers High School.


Andrew St. Pierre
Athletic Director

Athletic Fees

High School

Football – $245 Ice Hockey – $245 Swimming – $245 Golf – $245 Volleyball – $185
Girls lacrosse – $245 Boys Lacrosse – $245 Wrestling – $245 Baseball – $185 Cheerleaders – $155
Softball – $185 Girls Basketball – $185 Boys Basketball – $185 Field Hockey – $185 Cheerleaders – $155
Ice Hockey
Gymnastics – $185 Girls Soccer – $185 Boys Soccer – $185 Boys Spring Track – $155 Cross Country – $155
Girls Spring Track – $155 Girls Winter Track – $155 Boys Winter Track – $155 Boys Tennis – $155 Girls Tennis – $155

Athletic Fees

Middle School – Grades 6, 7 & 8

Cross Country – $100 Field Hockey – $100 Spring Track – $100

Hall of Fame

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