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Boys Tennis 2022


Program Overview
After a successful, two-year co-op with Peabody High School, the Falcons are able support its own team once again at Danvers High School.  Historically, the Falcons program was a strong contender within the Northeastern Conference. The program emphasizes technical development, strategy, and teamwork. During the season, the boys are coached to read and anticipate shots, developing a better understanding of the sport. We also stress the importance of agility and building endurance for the many challenging matches against conference opponents.

The program faces a rigorous schedule against the likes of Beverly, Gloucester, Marblehead and Swampscott to name a few. Matches are often very close, making for an exciting afternoon of tennis on the Danvers High School courts. Our athletes are talented and competitive, and following regular season play, our boys often qualify for the state tournament. Danvers High School is proud of its boys tennis program and looks forward to another exciting season.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach

Jason Bisset –

2022 Achievements

Record: 3-8

2022 Awards and Accolades

NEC All-Conference: N/A

NEC All-Star: Adam Mentzer, Jason Bisset

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