2016 Results (Girls 3-3/Boys 3-3)

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2016 Awards/Accolades
NEC All-Conference: Joseph Lauretti -Pereira
NEC All-Stars: Tim West, Declan Gill, Katie Crum, Olivia Foglietta
NEC Team Sportsmanship Award

Program Overview

The Danvers High School cross-country team consists of boys and girls at the varsity and junior varsity level from varied abilities. Previous running experience is not necessary to participate, and many athletes on the team are novice runners. The boys and girls teams share the same racing schedule. The teams compete against top programs in the area such as Gloucester, Lynn English, Marblehead and Saugus.

The goal of the cross-country team is to develop running endurance and skill throughout the year. The cross-country team is headed by a group of coaches with a lifelong passion for running. Coaches pride themselves on introducing their athletes to a sport in which they can participate for life. With this in mind, our coaching staff looks to provide our runners with skills that span far beyond a season schedule. The team’s philosophy is founded upon the values of overall health and fitness, goal setting, teamwork and camaraderie.

Though cross-country has an individual component, our program at Danvers High School stresses the importance of working as a team to reach a common goal. With this philosophy in mind, our program has been extremely successful throughout the years. Many of our runners qualify for the NEC and State Divisional meets, and also continue their running careers into college.

Coach Info

Head Coach – John Norris
Email: johnnorris@danvers.org

Assistant Coach- Amanda Santacroce