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Community Service Hours Requirement

The DHS Community Service graduation requirement for all students is 40 hours (10 hours per year enrolled)

How Do You Want to Make An Impact in Our Community?

Give Back to Your Community!

This is Your Opportunity to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!”

This page details a variety of local community service opportunities and organizations that you can become involved in both throughout the school year and summer months to satisfy your Danvers High School community service graduation requirement of 40 hours (10 hours per year enrolled at DHS)

What Is Community Service?

Please review the following rules when choosing a community service project/event:
  1. The event/service must be for a Municipal (town of Danvers for example), charity, non-profit or religious organization.  Simply volunteering at a regular company, while noble is not community service
  2. All events/service must be completely unpaid in any way
  3. Hours must be logged within 60 days of completion through the electronic form located below and on each class google classroom.
  4. You are required to fulfill 10 hours per year enrolled at DHS (typically 40 hours) to satisfy the graduation requirement.  It does not have to be 10 hours per year; students can earn multiple hours all in one session.

Upcoming & Current Community Service Opportunities

Get Involved in Community Service Opportunities That Peak Your Interest!

Current offerings to DHS students are located on the google classrooms of all classes. This is a real time list of opportunities happening in the area in the coming weeks.  Google classroom is the best way to find projects that need attention.  This allows  you to choose activities when they suite you.

Submission of Community Service Hours

Upon completion of your service hours, complete the google form for each event in order to submit hours.

Click the link below to submit your hours

(note: students must be signed into their account to access the form).

Forms must be submitted online within 60 days of completion.

Ongoing Community Service Ideas

The ideas are from past opportunities and not necessarily current. They serve as ideas for community service. Please see your Google Classroom for all current opportunities that are posted regularly.
Click On The Button That Peaks Your Interest!

Word of Advice: If you know what you want to pursue as a career or college major… volunteer in those fields!


For further information please fill out the contact form below or feel free to send an email to the community service coordinator, William Black at:

Thank you!

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