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WELCOME Danvers High School Students!  This page details a variety of local community service opportunities that you can become involved in both throughout the school year and summer months to satisfy your Danvers High School community service graduation requirement of 40 hours.

Community service is a volunteer activity (non-paid) for a non-profit or charitable agency that is performed by an individual or a group of people for the benefit of the public or its institutions, or the community as a whole.  This does not include hours for which the student is receiving school credit or hours mandated by the courts or any other disciplinary action.  Details of approved service activities can be found in the Danvers High School Community Service Program “Commonly Asked Questions” guide.

Upon completion of your service hours, students complete a Community Service Google Form for each event. The link to the online form can be found here): Community Service Google Form (note: students must be signed into their account to access the form). Forms must be submitted online within 60 days of completion.

For further information please feel free to send an email to Thank you!

Effective June, 2016, the following changes and guidelines to the  Danvers High School Community Service requirements have been implemented. We request that all students read the information below and familiarize yourselves with the changes.  Should you require any further information, please send your inquiries to Thank you!

Upcoming Summer Opportunities

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Ongoing Community Service Opportunities

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Word Of Advice:

If you know what you want to pursue as a career or college major… volunteer in those fields!