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The Danvers High School Senior Internship Program provides an invaluable opportunity for seniors to gain real-world work experience in their chosen fields. After finals week, DHS proudly begins sending its hard-working students to the workforce, matching students with local businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to provide hands-on learning experiences. Our interns can elevate the operation of our partners while forming lasting relationships and improving skill set and business preparedness. Students can apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to actual work settings, helping them make informed decisions about their future careers. The program not only benefits the students but also strengthens the connection between the school and the local community. Overall, it is a phenomenal way for seniors to explore their interests, develop professional skills, and prepare for future endeavors. Check out more info here: More Info

“The benefit of the program allows students to develop and enhance skills such as work ethic, customer service proficiency, and so much more. These programs are great because I believe students gain practical experience, receive mentorship feedback, and have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real-world settings.” 

– Nadine R, Pierced Utopia

“In my personal opinion, I think that  it is a very good idea for prospective college science majors to get an industry perspective before college.  Depending on the college program, a student may only get the “future academic” careers path or independent school research options which may not be right for all students.” 

– Ryan B, HepatoChem

“We enjoy having motivated high school students help in the classroom and also motivate students to do their best learning.  It is great for the elementary students to have strong role models closer to their age in the building!”

– Tara G, Riverside Elementary / Danvers Public Schools

“As cultures change over time, both companies and high school students benefit from this hands-on style internship. The company learns about its future workforce while the student gains insights for life after graduation.”

– Clayton R, Aero Manufacturing

“I love this program. My Intern from last year Alyssa is now a licensed agent and works on my team.”

– Nick S, Silvestri Properties Group at Keller Williams 

Interested in an intern joining your company in the month of May? Fill out this form and be added to our Internship Database. Our students scour this database looking for opportunities that best align with their career interests

Are you a student looking for an internship? Check out the constantly updating database to get leads on the best local internships and learn more about the company

Need help contacting a company or organization? Check out the template below to ensure your best chances of success

Internship Fair

  • What: Internship Fair, Senior Attendence mandatory
  • When: For Seniors, Friday morning in May
  • Where: DHS Field House
  • Who: Family, friends, supervisors, community members, elected officials
  • Why: Come see and hear about our Seniors’ Falcon Internship experiences and their hopes for the future!

Our beloved Internship Coordinator

Mrs. Robinson has been an English teacher at Danvers High School for 26 years. She has managed the Falcon Internship program since 2013, helping over 2000 get quality internships in fields they hope to explore after high school.

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