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Phone: 978-777-4539
Football $245.00
Ice Hockey $245.00
Swimming $245.00
Golf $245.00
Girls’ Lacrosse $245.00
Boys’ Lacrosse $245.00
Wrestling $245.00
Baseball $185.00
Softball $185.00
Girls’ Basketball $185.00
Boys’ Basketball $185.00
Field Hockey $185.00
Gymnastics $185.00
Girls’ Soccer $185.00
Boys’ Soccer $185.00
Boys’ Spring Track $155.00
Girls’ Spring Track $155.00
Girls’ Winter Track $155.00
Boys’ Winter Track $155.00
Ice Hockey Cheerleaders $155.00
Basketball Cheerleaders $155.00
Football Cheerleaders $155.00
Boys’ Tennis $155.00
Girls’ Tennis $155.00
Cross Country $155.00
Volleyball $185.00
Middle School Field Hockey $100.00
Middle School Cross Country $100.00
Middle School Outdoor Track $100.00

Please pay online or make your check payable to “Danvers Public Schools” and submit to the athletic director or the co-curricular advisor before the start of the program.

If the activity fee will create a financial hardship for your family, send a note to your child’s building principal explaining your hardship. All requests for waivers will be kept confidential.

Below are the guidelines adopted by the School Committee:

Seven hundred and forty dollars ($740) per family. The burden of control is on the family. Each family is responsible for notifying the business office at 978-774-4800 when the maximum has been realized.

No refunds will be given under the following conditions:
Interscholastic – after making the team and attending one practice.
Intramural – after participating in one game.
Fine Arts Activities – after making the production and attending one practice.

Paying an activity fee does not guarantee any amount of playing time.

The school administration may terminate an activity when there is an insufficient number of participants. In the event an activity is terminated, the activity fee will be refunded.

We regret having to impose these fees, however, we feel this is a better alternative than terminating school athletics and fine arts activities.


Note: If your child does not make a team and chooses not to participate in another sport during that season, the family may request a refund of the registration fee by emailing the Athletic Office at

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