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Holten Richmond Middle School

Responsible Use Policy

At the Holten Richmond Middle School, technology is a vital tool for learning and communicating who we are, what we value, and how we represent our family, school, and community.   Because our technology choices affect ourselves and others, and because the use of technology is a privilege not a right, the expectation is that middle school students will abide by and support this agreement both in and out of school. While we understand that any of us can make a mistake, we believe that living according to these values is critically important. Infractions will be enforced using the HRMS Student Code of Conduct. By signing this policy, I agree to:

  1. Use HRMS’s technology resources responsibly.
  • I will use HRMS technology only for assigned and intended school purposes. I will ask for teacher approval if I am not sure.
If I am issued a school email account, I will use it only for school assignments.
I will keep my passwords to myself.
I will access only my own assigned computer, account, and/or files. I understand that posing as someone else will result in disciplinary consequences.
I will only download items from the Internet only under a teacher’s direction.
  • I will inform my teacher if I have concerns about the functionality or suitability of the hardware or software I am using.
  • I will not give out identifying information over the Internet.
  • I understand that the Chromebook assigned to me is the property of the Danvers Public Schools and I’m responsible for taking care of it and keeping it in good condition. Tampering with the Chromebook is not permitted. I will not eat or drink near any Chromebook. I understand that I’m responsible for any damage to my Chromebook or any other Chromebooks that I have contact with.
  • I will come to class fully prepared, including a charged Chromebook and all required printing prior to class.
  • I will not damage HRMS hardware or software, delete any files not belonging to me, use unauthorized software, attempt to bypass school filters, send viruses, or make modifications to system files.
  1. Be respectful of others (including cell phone and other electronic device use).
  • I will not participate in bullying, harassing, stalking or teasing other people or publicly defaming people by spreading gossip, insults or other unkindness, and/or accessing any social network, website, blog, Wiki, etc. with the purpose of creating, viewing or participating in the humiliation of others.
  • If I see a message, comment, image or anything else online that makes me concerned for my safety or the safety of another student (for example something that could be considered harassment, bullying, or a threat), I will bring it to the attention of a teacher or administrator immediately.
  • If I’m uncertain whether an activity is permitted or appropriate, I will ask a teacher or administrator before engaging in that activity.
  • I will not make or forward sexually suggestive photographs.
  • I will not retrieve material that is obscene, profane, violent, discriminatory or depicts or describes illegal activities.
  • I will not steal someone’s password and/or identity.
  • I will not use technology in any other inappropriate way.
  • I will uphold Holten Richmond Middle School’s values of respect and integrity.
  1. Publish ethically.
  • I will not plagiarize by representing the work of others as my own. I will cite any and all use of websites, books, media, etc.
  • I will not manipulate technology to cheat.
  • I will obey copyright and software licensing laws.

HRMS Responsible Use Policy

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