DHS 2023 Presentation for Grade 8 Families

DHS_HRMS 2023 Slides for Families

Grade 8 Washington DC Field Trip Registration Packet

Gr8 DC 2024 FIeld Trip Packet

DHS October 2023 Letter to Grade 8 Families

DHS Letter to Grade 8 Families 2023-10

Picture Retake Day – Monday 10/30/23

A Note From Geskus Studios
Please find below your Retake Picture Day Notice. Geskus will not be offering preorders for retakes, so there is no preorder code on the notice.

Retake day is for new students and staff members, transfer students, or for anyone who may have missed the initial picture day, OR for anyone who was unhappy with their original picture and would like to give it another try. If a student would like the retake photo to replace the original photo, please have the student return the original picture package to the photographer on picture day. We will replace the original package at no additional cost.

If this is the first time being photographed, just have the student/staff go to the camera and we’ll create a proof for them that will be sent to the school and/or to their family email. These proofs will be delivered approximately 4 weeks after picture day. An order code will be on the proof along with ordering instructions.

Please contact Geskus if you have any questions.
(800) 948-1120 ext. 1
Holten Richmond Middle School_ Email Blast – Retake Picture Day Pre(1)

HRMS Student Forms Sign-Off & Contact Update Form

Please use this link to confirm you received a copy of your student’s Contact Information Form, make any corrections and/or changes to your HRMS student’s contact information, as well as sign off on the Student Handbook and General Media Release forms: https://forms.gle/WLbxH1GzjXeRmUMs6.

The form also includes a link to our Health Services’ online Tylenol/Acetaminophen Administration form.

This form will be available during the year should any further contact information changes occur.


2023 HRMS Summer Academic Work, Grade-Level Supply Lists, & Team Newsletters

Please review the documents below for more details regarding summer academic work for next year’s HRMS sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.

Please click here to view our page containing the 2023-2024 grade-level supply lists and team newsletters. Teams will be announced later this summer.


Summer Academic Work Letter
HRMS 2023 Summer Reading
HRMS 2023 Summer Math for Incoming Grade 6
HRMS 2023 Summer Math for Rising Grades 7 & 8
Summer Academic Work Letter 2023 – Arabic ver
Summer Academic Work Letter 2023 – Chinese ver
Summer Academic Work Letter 2023 – Portuguese ver
Summer Academic Work Letter 2023 – Spanish ver


Principal’s Newsletters & Parent “How To” Guide

Please view this year’s weekly Principal’s newsletters as well as our Parent “How To” Guide, which brief overviews of the most frequently asked questions and directions for daily situations.