HRMS Student Forms Sign-Off & Contact Update Form

Please use this link to confirm you received a copy of your student’s Contact Information Form, make any corrections and/or changes to your HRMS student’s contact information, as well as sign off on the Student Handbook and General Media Release forms:

The form also includes a link to our Health Services’ online Tylenol/Acetaminophen Administration form.

This form will be available during the year should any further contact information changes occur.


Directions to Create a Parent Portal Single Sign-On Account

Directions to Create a Parent Portal Single Sign-On Account

Student DPS Online Help Desk

The DPS technology department is happy to help you with support issues that you may be encountering while working remotely. Please note, we may not be able to resolve issues with personal devices that we cannot access remotely, or do not have a current operating system, or that relate to your internet provider and equipment. Please submit a Student DPS Online Help Desk ticket by clicking the underlined text in this sentence.

HRMS Family Forum

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Update 6/1: End of 19-20 School Year, Survey, Parent Resources

Dear DPS Families,

As we head into our last two and half weeks of remote learning, we want to take a moment to once again thank you for being our partners in educating your child(ren).  We consider our collaborative work in remotely educating the students of Danvers as a marathon.  If we were actually running the Boston marathon, we’d be coming off of Heartbreak Hill, running past the BC campus, and beginning our downward descent through Brookline.  As we enter the month of June, we are in our downward descent to the end of the school year; we’ve made it over Heartbreak Hill, we are tired, but the end is near!  In order to support you through the final weeks, we’ve provided resources that we hope you will find useful in supporting your child(ren) to sustain their engagement in remote learning.  Our newest resources are:

As we close out the year, you’ll find that we have two strong weeks of remote learning remaining, with the third short week spent celebrating and closing out the school year.  Your principals and teachers will be sending out school-specific information.

Finally, we want to thank those of you who have completed our Family Remote Learning Survey.  This information has helped us understand your views on the current remote learning plan and will inform the development of future remote learning plans.  If you have not had the chance to respond, please feel free to take the survey:  link to the survey

Take care,

Lisa Dana

Keith Taverna

Mary Wermers

Remote Learning Family Update #9 – Grades 6/7 Student Items’ Pick-Up Details

Download (PDF, 75KB)