The HRMS Engineering Club is a hands-on learning, after-school program, where students can explore the creative side of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). We are surrounded everyday by the products and systems designed by engineers, and all of our lives are enriched by the work of engineers. Through the club, engineering is used as a vehicle to integrate math and science fundamentals through open-ended, hands-on discovery that poses questions to students — why does this work and how it is relevant to your lives? As technological literacy is enhanced, students begin to understand the role engineers play in everything we see around us, inspiring them to explore a world of possibilities.

The HRMS Engineering Club is designed to engage students in hands-on STEM experiences in order to improve their understanding of fundamental concepts in a way that capitalizes upon their design, visualization, creativity and teamwork skills and yearnings.

The club meets every Monday after school and ALWAYS welcomes new members who want to explore, grow, and gain confidence at their own pace. We have projects in many areas of engineering to develop fluency in the science and engineering concepts students need to succeed in our tech-driven society.

Please contact Mr. Gargan for more information, and follow the Engineering Club on Twitter at @HRMSengineering.