Course Overview

This course is designed to introduce students to speaking and acting skills.  Students will participate in various activities including: voice work, acting, class discussion, drama, pantomime, improvisation, exaggeration, reader’s theatre plays and self-assessment.  Through these activities, students will begin to learn how to use their voices, act, observe themselves and others and how to appreciate the theatre arts.

This is a course in which students develop their speaking and acting skills and theater arts knowledge and appreciation.  Acting Lab activities include: warm-ups, voice work, characterization, vocal and physical expression, stage movement, memorization, individual and group performances and theater arts terms and concepts.

In Public Speaking, students will participate in activities preparing them to speak effectively in their daily life.  Students will gain confidence, poise and self-esteem.  This course will include practice in vocal skills and speech delivery tools, organization and preparation, dealing with nervousness, persuasion and preparing for an interview.  Students will present impromptu persuasion speeches and will interview and be interviewed by others.