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About Guidance

The guidance counselor assigned to each incoming grade six class will remain with the class for their three middle school years. This arrangement allows counselors to become familiar with students and contributes to the delivery of more consistent services.  Guidance counselors work closely with the teams of teachers at each grade level. The counselors are involved in team meetings, discussions regarding students’ needs, and parent communication. In addition, counselors teach developmentally appropriate lessons in the classroom throughout the school year.  Counselors meet with students on a short-term basis both individually and in groups as needed. Group counseling is also available at the middle school through the school social worker. Additionally, HRMS has partnered with Lahey Behavioral Health to create a student assistance program (SAP). The Student Assistance Program is a service that supports youth in our community during the school day. Thanks to grant funding, SAP places master’s level Lahey Health Behavioral Services clinicians onsite at five local high schools and middle schools. SAP clinicians hold office hours ranging from  each week during which they address the wide range of obstacles that interfere with students’ ability to succeed academically.

Meet the Guidance Staff…..

Guidance Administrative Assistant
Ms. Annamaria Piatelli
ext. 3142

Grade 6 Counselor
Mrs. Lindsay dos Santos
ext. 3147

Grade 7 Counselor
Mrs. Christine Purcell
ext. 3146

Grade 8 Counselor
Mrs. Jill Weeks
ext. 3145

Social Worker, Grade 6 (M-Z) & 8
Mrs. Christie Arundel
ext. 3134

Social Worker, Grade 6 (A-L) & 7
Mrs. Bridget Zappala
ext. 3138

SAP Counselor
Ms. Michelle Carregal

Guidance counselors are available to help students with:

  • academic achievement, scheduling concerns, and transitional planning
  • general adolescent issues, such as family problems and peer pressure, or when life just seems confusing
  • career planning by providing you with information about high schools, colleges, and careers

Everyone needs somebody to talk to once in awhile.  The guidance counselors are here to help your family whenever you need assistance, support, or encouragement.

One of the goals of the guidance department is to foster a positive school climate and a sense of community within our building. In order to accomplish this goal, the guidance department collaborates with the Olweus committee, student councils, and other school groups to create, organize and implement school-wide events. Some of the school wide events are:

  • Unity Day – a bullying prevention campaign involving a community luncheon
  • Spirit Week
  • 8th grade Career Day
  • Food Drive to benefit Danvers People to People Food Pantry
  • Various other community service and outreach activities

HRMS Guidance in the Classroom

Guidance counselors work with students in classroom settings at each grade level to deliver a developmentally appropriate curriculum. The focus of these lessons varies by grade. This is a great way for students to get to know and develop a relationship with their guidance counselor.  Listed below are some of the topics that are typically covered:

Grade 6:

  • The role of a guidance counselor
  • Resources available at HRMS
  • Friendships and peer relationships
  • Goal-setting
  • Strategies for academic success
  • Introduction to Naviance
  • Transition to grade 7

Grade 7:


  • Introduction to career development and self-awareness
  • Career exploration (utilizing Naviance website)
  • Cheating and ethics
  • Stress management
  • Skills and strategies for success
  • High school options
  • Transition to grade 8.

Grade 8:

  • Interest inventory assessments (Naviance)
  • Career awareness research
  • Early college awareness
  • Career Day
  • Transition to Danvers High School and other secondary schools.

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