Holten-Richmond Middle School
1:1 Chromebook Initiative

The Vision Statement for Danvers Public Schools for 2018 incorporates several technology integration goals including “up­-to-­date instructional space that incorporates current technology that enhances student engagement and learning in all schools.” It also looks to create “schools that are dynamic learning environments where research-­based instruction is facilitated by talented, committed educators who set high expectations and are experts in content and pedagogy” and has “educators working collaboratively to implement rigorous, well ­aligned curricula and assessment; diverse teaching and learning strategies; and current technologies to achieve goals and address challenges for student learning”.

Through the Chromebook One to One Initiative at HRMS, our goal is to move students and teachers towards this vision. The Chromebooks, combined with Google Apps for Education, will give students the technology tools necessary to communicate, collaborate, create and publish their work in a 21st century learning environment. It will provide them with opportunities to show the relevance and interconnectedness of their knowledge and skills and allow faculty to use instructional approaches such as blended learning, the flipped classroom model, and project based learning to engage students. The Chromebooks will become one of the tools to help support critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and research in our classrooms.

Below please find information about the device, insurance information, FAQs and most importantly, the forms that must be completed and submitted to the district.

The DPS technology department is happy to help you with support issues that you may be encountering while working remotely. Please note, we may not be able to resolve issues with personal devices that we cannot access remotely, or do not have a current operating system, or that relate to your internet provider and equipment. Please submit a Student DPS Online Help Desk ticket by clicking the underlined text in this sentence.