Greek Gods and Goddesses, & OTHERS:


Greek Myths for Kids
DLTK’s Growing Together
History for Kids
Mythweb – Greek    Try clicking on the encyclopedia and then the index.
Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

Greek and Roman:
Windows 2 Universe – Greek gods and their roman equivalents as well as a brief history of their mythologies and stories.
Tribunes and Triumphs – Facts and information about Roman Mythology, religion of the Ancient Romans, classical stories, myths and legends, the times and people of Ancient Rome, the society, culture and life of the Romans, ancient history, facts and interesting information about the myths and mythological creatures of the Romans.

Greek, Roman, Egyptian, & More:
Gods and Monsters – “Dedicated to deciphering the mysteries behind modern mythology by using ancient myths and folktales as a guide.” The first two categories are the Greek and Egyptian Gods which gives brief definitions for each god or goddess.
Odyssey Online – Explore the mythology of the Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Africa, and Ancient Americas. (After clicking on the section of the world, scroll down and click on Mythology.)
In Search of Myths and Heroes – 4 Tales: Queen of Sheba, searching for Shangri-La in Tibet, untangling the tales of King Arthur’s Celtic Britain, and tracing the trek of Jason who sought the Golden Fleece.
Myths and Legends
A selection of stories from different parts of the world. Click on the Myths and Legends tab at the top of the page to see the selection. You can hear the story read or read the text yourself. Click on Myth Map if you’d like to know where the stories originated.

Egyptian Myths – “Dedicated to providing the most detailed and accurate information about the gods, goddesses and religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptian people.” The website is divided into five categories: Gods, Myths, Symbols, Land, and Resources.

Norse Mythology – “The Ultimate Online Resource for Norse Mythology and Religion.” Information on the gods, goddesses, tales, places, and ideas that comprise the ancient mythology and religion of the Norse and other Germanic peoples. You can use the navigation menu or the search icon above to find what you’re seeking.
Viking Mythology – Guide to information on the vikings and their beliefs in the norse mythology. Gives information on their gods and goddesses, beliefs, and the story and mythology.


Cultural China – Myths and Legends of ancient china including: mythology, figures, folktales, and stories.
Gale Group – Brief explanation of chinese mythology including: core deities and characters, major myths, key themes and symbols, and how the mythology is seen in art, literature and everyday life. They do have a section on Major Myths (right-hand menu). This site may be a bit too high level.

Mythology in General
Ancient History An index on ancient historical mythologies and stories such as Theseus, Hercules, Rameses II, and Remus and Romulus.
Fact Monster Basic information of the gods and goddess of the many different mythologies.
Scroll down for lots of myths – Greek and then many more.
Infoplease – Information on the different mythologies such as gods/goddesses, key terms, creatures/monsters, and literature.
History Link 101 – The cultures of Africa, Aztec, China, Egypt, Greece, Mayan, Mesopotamia, Rome, Olmec, Prehistory, Middle Ages and World War II are divided into categories of Art, Biographies, Daily Life, Maps, Pictures, Research and more. Click on mythology under Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece and follow the links to individual gods and goddesses and their stories.