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Professor Michael F. Mascolo

Michael F. Mascolo, Professor of Psychology, studies how we develop – that is, how we become who we are today, and how we continue to develop into the person that we will become tomorrow.  Dr. Mascolo studies  how structures of thinking, feeling and acting develop through different developmental pathways as a product of complex interplay between individuals and their physical, social and cultural environments.

For Parent University, he will present on “Cultivating the Growth Mindset:  A Key to unlocking Your Child’s Potential”.  To foster a growth mindset in children, it is important that parents and educators shift their own mindset – and then live with them. It requires creating a local “culture of growth” in one’s family, classroom or school.

Dr. Mascolo is the co-author of Psychotherapy as a Developmental Process (Basseches & Mascolo, 2010, Taylor & Francis).  He is co-editor (and contributor) to Culture and Self (Mascolo & Li, 2004, Jossey-Bass) and What Develops in Emotional Development?  (Mascolo & Griffin, 1998).  He is the author of numerous articles and book chapters on issues related to human development.  He is the founding editor of Pedagogy and the Human Sciences.  He also is Editor and Senior Contributor to North Shore Children & Families – a free monthly newspaper on parenting that serves families on Boston’s North Shore.    He currently teaches in Merrimack College’s Compass program, where he applies his approach to development to the process of teaching and assessing reading, writing and critical thinking skills in his students.



Session 1 | 09:40 am – 10:30 am                         Session 2  |  11:00am – 11:50am


(E)  –  Elementary (A)  –  Academic Focus
(MS)  –  Middle School (T)  –  Technology
(H)  –  High School (W)  –  Wellness

1.1 & 1.2  Ready for Routines (E)(W)

Denise DiGiuseppe, RN and  Carol Anderson, RN with Margaret Speck, LICSW

This workshop is intended to be a discussion with parents regarding setting healthy routines with their children to achieve the goal of helping the child to be ready and available to learn every school day.

1.2 & 2.2  Early Childhood Learning Expectations (E) (A)

Beth Ann Hilton, M.S., Integrated Preschool Teacher and Kelly Walker, M.E. Kindergarten Teacher – Riverside School

We will discuss the skills that are introduced in Preschool and carried through Kindergarten.  We will discuss the expectations in the classroom and routines that should be established through the year.

1.3 & 2.3  Writers Workshop (E) (A)

Julie Posternack, Curriculum Director and Keri Demers, Literacy Coach

In this session, we will explore three topics:

  • What are the essentials of writing instruction?
  • What is Writing Workshop?
  • How can you support your children in writing skill acquisition?

1.4 & 2.4  The Impact of Screen Time on Early Development (E) (T)

Courtney Orelup, MSN, RN, CPN, Salem State University College of Nursing

This workshop will explore the impact of screen time on early child development and the implications for caregiver understanding of how screen time affects development. Parents will walk away with simple tips to manage screen time for healthy development.

1.5 & 2.5  Inside the Digital World of Teens:
                  Helping Your Child Navigate a Healthy Online Experience (MS, HS) (W)

Emily Goncalves, LICSW & Amanda Weber, LICSW

This workshop is designed to help caregivers gain insight into the online world of teens.  The workshop will include information about how social media is impacting teens both socially and emotionally.  Caregivers will learn how to help their child navigate the complicated digital world in a safe and healthy way.

1.6 & 2.6  Healthy kids On and Off the Field (MS, HS) (W)

Nick Avgerinos, M.D. and Kristen Page, DPT, COMT, Lahey Health – Division of Sport Medicine 

Athletics are big part of many children’s social and physical development.
Sport and play often come with the risk of injury.  Learn what the most common sport injuries are and how to best prevent them. A holistic and common sense approach to competitive play will help your child better manage competition in a healthy way. Learn to coach your child through an injury without adding anxiety of return to play dynamics, and walk away with tips for keeping your athletes happy and healthy.

1.7 & 2.7  Adolescent Holistic Mental Wellness (MS, HS) (W)

Lea Forster, LHMC, Lahey Health Behavioral Services and Stephanie Beilin, LICSW, Danvers High School

During adolescence, high-schoolers learn coping skills, healthy habits, social skills and stress management practices that last a lifetime.  Lea and Stephanie will share a guide for parents to promoting wellness and recognizing when more help is needed.

1.8 & 2.8  College Applications:  How it all Works (HS)(A)

Sean Emberley, Danvers High School Assistant Principal, and Amanda Magnan, Danvers High School Guidance Counselor.

In this session, parents will learn the process of completing, and submitting:

  • College Application
  • SAT / ACT Scores
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Admission deadlines

Participants will use online platforms students, teachers, guidance counselors and admissions representatives utilize throughout the application process. A question and answer segment will conclude the session.

1.9 & 2.9  Google Applications that Support Learning (MS)(T)

Ellyn Feerick, Curriculum Director, Holten Richmond Middle School

In this session, participants will learn more about Google Applications for Education.  They will have the opportunity to interact with Chromebooks and some of the applications that students use daily.

1.10 & 2.10  Teaching Mindfulness in Elementary School Classrooms (E)(A,W)

Michele Gross, LICSW and Kimberly Silva, LMHC

Learning and practicing mindfulness techniques have many benefits in the classroom, including increased attention, better emotional regulation and deeper compassion. In this interactive session, you will learn about the benefits of mindfulness, how it is implemented in schools, and also how principles of mindfulness can be useful at home.

1.11 & 2.11  In Plain Sight (MS, HS) (W)

School Resource Officer, Danvers Police Department; Judith Ryan, Public Health Nurse; Lyle Harrod, DanversCARES; Lahey Health Behavioral Services, Samantha Watson

Have you heard of Dabbing? Huffing? Vaping? Would you recognize the signs? Do you know what bent spoons, cotton balls, broken mirrors or bags of unlabeled candy lying around your teen’s room might mean? Have your teen’s friends left something behind? This workshop is a must see, eye opener for caregivers. It is an interactive display of a teen’s room in which you will get a hands-on view of drug paraphernalia and other indicators that teens may be exposed to risks such as self-harm, unhealthy dieting, or substance use.  A team of community professionals will show you what to look for and help you address concerns with your teen.

1.12 & 2.12   21st Century Health Education:  Introduction to Skills Based Health Education                                          Guide for Parents to Enhance Skills (MS) (A)

Danielle La Rocque and Jeffrey Bartlett, Health Education, Holten Richmond Middle School

Come join us for a session that helps you understand where health education is going and what you can do to enhance skills learned in the health education classroom. Topics noted are based off a pre-conference survey reflecting what YOU, as parents and guardians, determined were the most important to understand so you can support your child best.

1.13 & 2.13  Healthy Homework Habits K-5 (E)(A)

Amy Wheadon, MS, OTR/L, Kidstrong LLC Owner, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

After children spend 8 hours a day in school with minimal breaks it becomes very challenging to expect kids to come home and immediately do homework before rushing off to scheduled activities.  Participants will discuss re-evaluating the mindset of how to approach after school life and take away concrete suggestions to implement at home.

1.14 & 2.14  A Growth Mindset for Math (MS) (A)

Two Holten Richmond Middle School Teachers will present this workshop



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