Riverside P.R.I.D.E.

P – Positive: Be upbeat and encouraging toward yourself and others.
R – Respect: Treat others as you want to be treated.
I – Include: Be accepting and allow others to participate.
D – “Do the Right Thing”: Make good healthy choices.
E – Effective Effort: Use strategies, resources, and feedback while staying focused and committed to your task.


As a member of the Riverside Community, I understand this Code of Conduct. This Code reflects the expectations of all people in our building and has been reviewed by administrators, teachers, students, and parents. I agree to observe the rules of our school. If I violate the Code, consequences will accompany my behaviors. Consequences will be determined by the frequency and severity of my inappropriate action. I must familiarize myself with the school handbook to fully understand the expectations /consequences of a Riverside School student. The consequences might include:

  • Written or verbal apology
  • Loss of privilege (Recess, Field Trip, etc.)
  • Telephone call to parent / guardian
  • Meeting between parents, teacher and principal
  • Attending after school detention
  • Serving In-school suspension
  • Serving Out-of-school suspension

I understand that if I bring a dangerous object, weapon, drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol to school, use threatening language, or intentionally hurt another person, the principal will determine the consequence. I have read and talked about this code with my parent/guardian, and we understand it.

Download, print, sign and return the following Code of Conduct form.