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Mission Statement

The mission statement defines our shared sense of purpose, direction and opportunity.

Danvers Public Schools is a dynamic community of independent learners dedicated to respect, responsibility, creativity and the pursuit of academic and personal excellence.

Vision Statement

The Vision Statement provided below describes the desired state of the Danvers Public Schools in the next several years. The Vision is an expression of possibility, yet based enough in reality to be plausible. Its purpose is to inspire those involved and interested individuals to help the Vision become a reality. The Vision provides the basis from which the organization determines priorities and establishes targets for performance.


Danvers Public Schools is an inclusive community of learners that is respectful of individual differences, where all students are valued for their unique strengths and talents, and challenges are thoughtfully and effectively addressed. A welcoming environment for students and families is evident and diversity is valued and celebrated. Up-to-date instructional space that incorporates current technology enhances student engagement and learning in all schools.

The schools are dynamic learning environments where research-based instruction is facilitated by talented, committed educators who set high expectations and are experts in content and pedagogy. Educators work collaboratively to implement rigorous, well-aligned curricula and assessment; diverse teaching and learning strategies; and current technologies to achieve goals and address challenges for student learning. Data is consistently used to make instructional decisions and create optimal learning conditions. Educators are constructively supported through a well-implemented supervision and evaluation system, meaningful professional development opportunities and committed school and district leadership.

Leadership is cohesive and consistent throughout the school district, promoting the core values of caring, quality, commitment and collaboration in all aspects of the school community. The organizational structure of the district facilitates the attainment of goals. Communication systems and strategies are skillfully used to establish trust and to cultivate parent and community understanding of the district’s goals and practices. District leaders and community members continue to increase access to alternative sources of funding for the school system.

All students are fully engaged and invested in their learning. They demonstrate personal responsibility and are achieving to their maximum capability. They are skilled communicators and problem-solvers who engage in collaborative inquiry, make effective use of technology and apply their learning in real-life situations. Graduates of Danvers Public Schools leave the school system feeling confident and well prepared to continue their learning in the wide array of college and career options available to them. They go on to become productive, responsible, caring citizens of the global community and achieve their definition of success.

Core Values

Core values are the underlying support to our mission, vision and goals and therefore provide a shared foundation for working and learning.

The core values of the Danvers Public Schools serve as the organizing principles for the Danvers Public Schools. There is the expectation that all members of the system will know, understand and live these values in their day-to-day work and learning.

Caring… The District believes that a child-centered environment that demonstrates value and respect for individual differences best serves the unique needs of each child.

Quality…The District believes that adherence to the highest standards for individual performance and achievement by all members of the school community is fundamental to life-long learning and continuous improvement.

Commitment…Danvers Public Schools is committed to providing successful learning experiences and promoting high achievement for all students. We value teaching as a profession and are committed to developing teachers as leaders and supporting them in their shared responsibility for the learning success of all students.

Collaboration…Danvers Public Schools is the center of a dynamic learning network, connecting individual learners with the best educational, technical and recreational resources.


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