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As more students gain access to Internet use in Danvers it is essential that we have a policy in place that promotes the appropriate use of this technology. To utilize these services, all students must obtain parental permission through this form.

The Internet is an electronic highway connecting thousands of computers all over the world and millions of individuals. Connecting to this network expands our students’ access to resources, information, collaboration and innovation. We hope to utilize these resources to assist students in achieving curriculum goals and outcomes.

Computer learning can provide tremendous motivation for students. However, the use of this resource must be in support of the educational objectives of the Danvers Public Schools. It is important to note that the Internet is an open system that contains material that many people might find offensive. It is possible to encounter pictures or text that are objectionable. We ask for your assistance in developing responsible student attitudes and behaviors on the Internet.

Student use of the Internet is to be conducted under faculty supervision. However, faculty members are not able to monitor student use at every moment. We expect students to become responsible users of the Internet.

While the benefits of Internet access are enormous, it is important for students to realize that there is no guarantee that information they obtain is accurate. Users must use good judgment in determining the reliability of content.

The use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges. Students are expected to follow the guidelines stated below, as well as those given orally by the staff, and to demonstrate ethical behavior that is of the highest order in using the Internet.

Each school will incorporate the user guidelines into its respective discipline codes and handbooks.


1. Student use of the Internet must be in support of education and research consistent with the objectives of the Danvers Public Schools.

2. Students may not post personal information such as their home address, telephone number or the name and location of their school without teacher permission.

3. Students are prohibited from making prejudicial, harassing, threatening, obscene or hateful remarks and other anti-social behavior.

4. Students are prohibited from using the Internet to access or process pornographic material, inappropriate text files, information that advocates illegal acts, or information that lacks any educational value.

5. Students should immediately tell a teacher or other school employee about any material that you feel is not appropriate or that makes you feel uncomfortable.

6. Students should be aware that no communications are guaranteed to be private. Internet use is monitored. Illegal activities may be reported to the authorities.

7. Students should note that plagiarism is the taking of material created by others and presenting it as if it were one’s own. It will not be acceptable to plagiarize material from the Internet.

8. Students should note that all communications and information accessible via the Internet should be assumed to be private property.

9. Students may not use the Internet for commercial purposes, product advertisement or political lobbying. Products or services may not be purchased or offered. The student and his/her parents will be responsible for any liabilities stemming from such unauthorized uses of the Internet.

10. Students may not use the Internet for illegal purposes or for the support of illegal activities.

11. Student use of the Internet must not serve to disrupt its use by other individuals or connecting networks.

12. Student passwords are confidential. All passwords shall be protected by the user and not shared or displayed. Individual users shall, at all times, be responsible for the proper use of accounts issued in their name.

13. Students who violate district policy or administrative procedures will be subject to suspension or termination of system/network privileges and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action and/or prosecution.

These forms must be signed by students for Internet access to be granted.

DHS Responsible Use Policy

HRMS Responsible Use Policy

Elementary Acceptable Use Policy

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