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Dan Bauer

Janet Ingraham
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
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A Message from the Superintendent

All of us in Danvers Public Schools are pleased to open the virtual doors to our district and welcome you to our educational journey. This website is your gateway to our diverse classrooms, dedicated educators, and the students who are the focus of our efforts every day.

The core of our mission is two-fold: ensuring safe spaces and igniting potential in our students. We achieve that by:

Providing a Safe Learning Environment 

We understand trust is key. That’s why we prioritize creating secure environments where students feel respected, valued, and free to explore their curiosity. This means:

  • Rigorous safety protocols: From secure facilities to trained staff, we ensure physical and emotional well-being.
  • Inclusive culture: We foster kindness, empathy, and understanding through social-emotional learning programs, building a positive school climate for all.
  • Open communication: We believe in keeping families informed. Expect clear communication channels and timely updates.

Empowering Potential, Unleashing Success:

Beyond safety, we are passionate about igniting tapping into each student’s unique skills. We offer:

  • Engaging curriculum: Our classrooms are buzzing with innovative approaches and personalized learning.
  • Dedicated educators: Our passionate teachers are experts in their fields, committed to guiding and inspiring every student.
  • Support for diverse needs: We offer personalized learning plans, specialized programs, and mental-health resources to ensure every child thrives.

We invite you to explore the resources our district has to offer and connect with us. From volunteering in classrooms to joining parent-teacher associations, collectively we have the ability to shape the future.

We are committed to cultivating a vibrant learning community where every student feels safe, challenged, and empowered to reach their full potential. We look forward to collaborating with you.


Dan Bauer, Superintendent

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