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Jayne Bonito and Erin MacLachlan


Christy Beames


Tara Gatti

PAC Contact Information:

Meeting Dates 2023-2024 ~ School Cafeteria

10/17 6:00pm

11/28 6:00pm

1/10 6:00pm

2/13 6:00pm

3/13 6:00pm

4/10 6:00pm

5/14 6:00pm


Goal: Continue to Promote Recycling and “Going Green”

  • Decrease paper use and increase use of email.
  • Encourage student’s environmental awareness and involvement in “going green.”
  • Explore other ways the school community could become “greener.”

Goal: Continue to Support Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

  • Encourage anti-bullying at school, at home, and throughout the community.

Goal: Continue to Promote Smith School pride and spirit

  • Provide each incoming Kindergarten and all new students with a stuffed Smith School bulldog and offer them to the rest of the school community.
  • Offer apparel sales at multiple times during the school year and expand items available.
  • Strengthen school pride and spirit with “Spirit Day(s),” where students and faculty wear school colors and/or apparel.

It is the tradition of the Parent Advisory Council to sponsor the school’s Cultural Enrichment Program. A significant portion of the funds raised by the PAC is dedicated to this important endeavor.

Once a month, our children will be exposed to meaning- ful and enriching cultural programs through a variety of performances in the areas of music, art, storytelling, dance, drama, history, science & nature, and much more. Our Cultural Enrichment Programs enhance the educational experience, exposing our children to other cultures and helping them to be more tolerant and open to learn- ing more about other cultures. They will also learn to ex- press themselves creatively, improve their self confidence, and promote further engagement in school.

This year we have again made an effort to provide each grade with an opportunity to experience a grade-specific, curriculum-related enrichment program in addition to the monthly programs. Presentations to a smaller number of children gives each child better access to the performer or presenter for questions and discussions.

Oct 2023 PAC Meeting Minutes
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