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The Smith School Parent Advisory Council (PAC) membership includes every parent/guardian in our school community.  The PAC strengthens the partnership between the school staff and our families by:

•acting as a bridge to enhance communication between school and home
•helping all of our families feel comfortable and welcome
•providing additional enrichment resources to advance student learning



Denise Hanas
Jennifer Piscitello


Janice Rinella


Kristen Poto

Cultural Enrichment Directors

Jamie Brogna
Janice Rinella

DEEP Representative

Richard Stoney

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Goal: Continue to Promote Health & Fitness

  • Host Family Health & Fitness Night again this spring.
  • Schedule another “Bike to School Day” this year.
  • Encourage healthy snack and lunch choices and incorporate “Healthy Snack Days.”

Goal: Continue to Promote Recycling and “Going Green”

  • Decrease paper use and increase use of email.
  • Encourage student’s environmental awareness and involvement in “going green.”
  • Explore other ways the school community could become “greener.”

Goal: Continue to Support Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

  • Encourage anti-bullying at school, at home, and throughout the community.

Goal: Continue to Promote Smith School pride and spirit

  • Provide each incoming Kindergarten and all new students with a stuffed Smith School bulldog and offer them to the rest of the school community.
  • Offer apparel sales at multiple times during the school year and expand items available.
  • Strengthen school pride and spirit with “Pride Day(s),” where students and faculty wear school colors and/or apparel.
Meeting Dates and Minutes 2018-2019
Cultural Enrichment

It is the tradition of the Parent Advisory Council to sponsor the school’s Cultural Enrichment Program. A significant portion of the funds raised by the PAC is dedicated to this important endeavor.

Once a month, our children will be exposed to meaning- ful and enriching cultural programs through a variety of performances in the areas of music, art, storytelling, dance, drama, history, science & nature, and much more. Our Cultural Enrichment Programs enhance the educational experience, exposing our children to other cultures and helping them to be more tolerant and open to learn- ing more about other cultures. They will also learn to ex- press themselves creatively, improve their self confidence, and promote further engagement in school.

This year we have again made an effort to provide each grade with an opportunity to experience a grade-specific, curriculum-related enrichment program in addition to the monthly programs. Presentations to a smaller number of children gives each child better access to the performer or presenter for questions and discussions.


Jamie Brogna (781) 592-2965

Janice Rinella (617) 584-7794

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