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Welcome to the Student Services Department Site.

Our administrators, psychologists, social workers, teachers and staff work together to provide services and support for students and parents throughout the district.


Director(s) of Student Services (Interim)

Jennifer Callison x2206

Eric Oxford x2274

Administrative Assistant to the Director
Debbie Rubano x2238

Administrative Assistant/Financial
Patricia Trask x2235

Administrative Assistant
Jillian McCarthy x2233

High School Special Education Coordinator 
Jennifer Callison x2206

Middle School Special Education Coordinator

Elementary Special Education Coordinator
Eric Oxford x2274

Out of District Coordinator and Psychologist
Dr. Karri Isidoro x2418

Pre-School Coordinator and Kindergarten Psychologist
Bethany Stangas x2417

Great Oak Psychologist
Dana Caggiano x2240

Highlands Psychologist
Dana Caggiano x2240

Riverside Psychologist
Bethany Stangas x2417

Smith Psychologist
Lynore Connelly x2217

Thorpe Psychologist
Ana Laguarda x7175

Holten Richmond Middle School
Christine Brown x3228

Danvers High School
Jill Porter x2234

Kim Steele x2229

Brittany Anderson x2239

Michaela Wood x2317

Parent’s Notice of Procedural Safeguards

What are Procedural Safeguards? Procedural Safeguards protect the rights of children with disabilities and their parents. These safeguards include the right to participate in all meetings, to examine all educational records, and to obtain an independent educational evaluation (IEE) of the child.

We have included this notice in English, but also have other languages available.

Additional Languages







Kreyòl Ayisyen 



Tiếng Việt

Q: What is an IEP?

A: An IEP is the written document reviewed each year that determines the services, accommodations, and modifications that your child will receive. If a service or accommodation is written into the IEP, your child must receive it.

Q: Who needs an IEP?

A: Every child who receives special education services in a publicly funded school, including publicly funded charter schools.

Q: How often are IEP meetings held?

A: IEPs are held at least once a year but if you have a concern, you can request a meeting at any time. Click here to see a Sample Letter for requesting an IEP.

Q: Who decides what goes into my child’s IEP?

A: The IEP team, comprised of the parents or guardians, the student, your child’s teachers, a general education teacher, and someone from the district decide what goes into your child’s IEP. The team may also include others at the request of the parents or the school.

Q: What happens at an IEP meeting?

A: The team meets in order to:
· Describe where your child is now in terms of academic and functional performance areas
· Develop long-term goals for your child to achieve during the year
· Identify short-term steps for your child to help accomplish the goals
· Decide how the team will know when the child has met the goals
· Identify special instruction and related services that your child will receive to help them meet the goals including the amount of time your child will receive specialized instruction
· Discuss accommodations that will help your child meet the goals

Q: Can I request additional time for my child’s IEP meeting?

A: You may table a meeting to request additional time to complete an IEP.

Q: How should I prepare for the IEP meeting?

A: Gather all of your child’s records and evaluations, make a list of questions or concerns you would like to discuss, identify a person (Family member/friend) to take notes during the IEP meeting

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