Welcome to Willis E. Thorpe Elementary

Danvers Public Schools Vision

In 2023, Danvers Public Schools is an inclusive community of learners that is respectful of individual differences, in which all students are valued for their unique strengths, talents, and challenges. A welcoming environment for students and families that is evident and diversity is valued and celebrated. 

(Strategic Plan 2018-2023)

On behalf of the entire staff of Thorpe School we hope you have a great summer and cannot wait to welcome you back for  the 2023-2024 school year. Once again, we will be focusing on meeting the needs of all students in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment. We pride ourselves as a community that values the importance of building strong relationships with all our families. It’s going to be a year full of enriching learning experiences, fun and making wonderful memories together!

At Thorpe, we are Tigers, and as tigers, we strive to show the following traits:

T – Teamwork   I – Integrity   G – Growth Mindset   E – Empathy   R – Responsibility

All new student registrations go through Central Office located at Danvers High School. Please contact Pam Ames at (978) 774-4800 ext. 2219 to schedule an appointment.

With best regards,

Brian Reilly, Principal

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